We are willing to come to your residence, place of business, rod builder, or body and paint shop to view your vehicle.

We provide inspections and appraisals prior to the purchase of a vehicle, Appraisals for insurance, Appraisals for bankruptcy, estate value appraisals, pre-sale appraisals

Normal Auto Coverage Area
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Why should I have my vehicle appraised?
It is very important to have a vehicle appraised prior to insurance to insure an accurate value.
It is in the vehicle owners best interest to set an accurate value at the time of insurance to eliminate a possibility of overcharge of insurance premiums or the possibility of under insurance. We see many times that the value set by the vehicle owner and agent is not a true reflection of the real market value. At the unfortunate time of claim a well documented appraisal lessens the possibility of disagreements between the insurance carrier and vehicle owner.